South Wales Coalfield Collection

Video Recordings

[Located at the South Wales Miners' Library]

oVideo Recordings

The video recordings consist mainly of interviews, including some with such figures from the South Wales coal industry as Dai Francis, Emlyn Williams and Phil Weekes. Also included amongst the collection are conferences arranged by the National Union of Mineworkers, the Trades Union Congress, Llafur and other groups along with recordings of the cultural activities of the mining communities including the Miners' Eisteddfod and the Miners' Gala; recordings of various news reports, including American news coverage of the 1984-85 miners strike; and various documentaries recorded from television broadcasts, including topics such as the Spanish Civil War.

The interviews, some of which make up organised projects, have been catalogued in considerable detail as they are unique to the South Wales Coalfield Collection. The majority of the other material has been catalogued in less detail as it is not unique to the collection.

The video collection has been structured to reflect the relationship between the various individual projects and type of recordings. However, difficulties in numbering consecutively arise when different types of recordings have been recorded on the same video cassette.

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