South Wales Coalfield Collection

Miscellaneous Recordings

Ref No. Description Dates
VID/95 Speech by Paynter, Will at Mardy Pit canteen, 1981.
A speech made by Will Paynter at the Mardy Pit canteen. He talks about his early days, mining in the 1930's, the lack of alternative industries in the Rhondda, the 1930's hunger marches, unemployment, the need for social change and the Incentive Bonus Scheme.
Covers period : 1917-1981 (c).
Running time : 17mins 7secs.
VID/126 Energy Conference, 1984.
Recording of an energy conference held in 1984. It also contains interviews with some of the speakers.
Running time : 29mins 26secs.
VID/129 Blaendulais School - Dancing and football.
Recording of a girls dancing class and boys playing football at Blaendulais primary school.
Running time : 18mins 34secs.
1982 (c)
VID/133 SOGAT '82 Christmas party for children in the Cynon Valley.
Recording of a christmas party arranged by members of the Society of Graphical and Allied Trades '82 from the Times, Daily Express and Daily Mail for the children of miners in the Cynon Valley.
Running time : 60mins (approx).

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