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Spanish Civil War Project

Ref No. Description Dates
VID/31 Interview of Stratton, Harry.
Interview of Harry Stratton in which he talks about how he first got involved in politics, his activities for the Spanish Aid Committees, the reporting of the Spanish Civil War by the press, volunteering to fight in Spain, how his family felt about him going to Spain, his first experiences when he arrived in Spain and the reaction of the Spanish people towards the International Brigades, returning home, the contribution of Swansea to the Spanish Civil War, reaction to Franco winning the war, visiting Spain in 1981, the failure of the British government to take a stand against fascism, failing to learn from the aerial bombing which occurred during the Spanish Civil War and how he regards his experiences in Spain fifty years on.
Covers period : 1930-1981 (c).
Running time : 52 mins 58 secs.
VID/32 Interview of Steel, (Mrs).
Interview of Mrs Steel about her involvement with the Basque Childrens Home in Sketty Park, Swansea - how she became involved with the home, her duties there, what happened when the children arrived and the condition they were in, how the children felt about being so far from home, how they were terrified of aeroplanes and built air-raid shelters, their return to Spain and meeting one of them forty years later.
Covers period : 1936-1978 (c).
Running time : 14 mins 35 secs.
1985 (c)
VID/33 Interview of Francis, Hywel.
Interview of Hywel Francis about the Spanish Civil War. The parallels between communities in Wales and Spain, reasons for support of the Spanish Republic, the Spanish communities in Wales, organisations which supported the republic, the volunteers that went to fight in Spain, Swansea's role as a seaport, the setting up of children's homes, the political effect of the war, the role of women and how the war is remembered fifty years on.
Covers period : 1936-1986 (c).
Running time : 22 mins 18 secs.
VID/34 Spanish Civil War - Photographs and Posters.
Footage of photographs and posters relating to the Spanish Civil War.
Running time : 19 mins 46 secs.
VID/35 Spanish Civil War - Photographs.
Footage of photographs relating to the Spanish Civil War.
Running time : 11 mins 43 secs.
VID/36 Spanish Civil War - Photographs of Basque Children's Home, Swansea.
Footage of photographs of the Basque Children's Home in Sketty Park, Swansea.
Running time : 5 mins 46 secs.
VID/38 Interview of Macho, Leo.
Interview of Leo Macho - discusses why Spanish people, including his grandparents, came to Wales, the Spanish communities in Dowlais and Abercraf and the differences between the two places, early hostility towards the Spanish in Abercraf, his parents, the changes in the community in Abercraf and the integration of the Spanish, the attitude of the Spanish miners, learning Welsh and Welsh people learning Spanish, playing football and rugby, French and Portuguese immigrants, the size of the community, concern over the events in Spain in the 1930's, the Spanish Civil War and fear of being deported, the Spanish in Abercraf who went to fight in the war, working for the Spanish Republic, the refugees from Spain, the feeling when the republic was defeated, his family and the break-up of the Spanish community in Abercraf.
Covers period : 1910-1965 (c).
Running time : 54 mins 51 secs.
1985 (c)
VID/137 Documentary - The Spanish Civil War.
A six part documentary about the Spanish Civil War four parts of which have been recorded : Part I - Prelude to Tragedy 1931-36 Part III - Battleground for Idealists, Part IV - Franco and the Nationalists Part V - Inside the Revolution.
Running time : 240 mins (approx).
VID/149 Documentary - Colliers Crusade.
Part of a documentary about the Spanish Civil War and miners from South Wales who fought in it. Not all of the documentary has been recorded.
Running time : VID/10, SWCC.

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