South Wales Coalfield Collection

1981 Strike Project

Ref.No. Description Dates
VID/40 Interview of Williams, Emlyn.
Interview of Emlyn Williams talking about the miners' strike in 1981, why the South Wales Area conference was brought forward, the miners at Coegnant striking ahead of the agreed date, the lack of preparation in other areas, why the Yorkshire area was slow to react, the unfair criticism of Arthur Scargill, the roles of Phil Weeks, Derek Ezra and Joe Gormley in the strike, his reaction to the government climb down, the attitude of the National Executive, what the strike had achieved, comparing it with the strikes of 1972 and 1974, the steel strike of 1980, what the National Coal Board and the government will do next.
Covers period : 1969-1981 (c).
Running time : 38mins 59secs.
VID/41 Interview of Price, Verdun.
Interview of Verdun Price talking about the miners' strike in 1981, learning Coegnant Colliery was on a closure list, the special committee and general meetings, the decision to strike and picket, the effect on the rest of the coalfield, the special area executive meeting and conference which was called and the decision for the whole area to go on strike.
Covers period : 1980-1981 (c).
Running time : 23mins 16secs.
VID/161 National Union of Mineworkers (South Wales Area) Conference, 1981 Strike.
Recording of the National Union of Mineworkers (South Wales Area) conference held during the first three days of the 1981 strike over pit closures. It also includes brief interviews of some of those who attended the NUM National Executive meeting urging for a national strike.
Covers period : 1981.
Running time : 50mins (approx).
VID/165 Interviews outside NUM National Executive Committee meeting, 1981.
Brief interviews of some of those who campaigned outside the NUM National Executive meeting in 1981 for a national strike. It also contains footage of the crowds outside the meeting.

Running time : 60mins (approx).

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