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Dan Lewis Remembers

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VID/29 Documentary - Dan Lewis Remembers.
This is a documentary compiled from an interview of Dan Lewis and containing photographs and video footage to illustrate some of what Mr Lewis says. He talks about his early life in Onllwyn, the houses there, living in the "Front and Back Row", the public houses, the activities of the local chapel, a typhus epidemic, his father and grandfather, the coal owners in the area, industrial diseases, teaching at Maesmarchog and the problems encountered, going to college, the problems which could arise from miners sharing out wages, the increase in the local population and over crowding in schools, the games played by the children and open cast mining.
Covers period : 1905-1935 (c).
Running time : 37 mins 35 secs.
VID/188 Interview of Lewis, Dan.
Interview of Dan Lewis. He talks about the community of Onllwyn, recreation, football, penny readings, the impact of religion on community life, the development of industry in the area, the control Evans and Bevan Limited had over the collieries in the Dulais Valley, poaching and gardening for food.
Running time : 24mins (approx).
VID/189 Dan Lewis slides and photographs.
Slides and photographs some of which are used in the documentary Dan Lewis Remembers (SWCC : VID/29).
Running time : 40 mins (approx).

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