South Wales Coalfield Collection

Personal Collection Photographs

oDai Dan Evans.
Photographs of Dai Dan Evans individually, with groups of people and on a visit to Poland.
oEdgar Evans.
Photographs of groups of people in Russia, of meetings and disputes, especially Taff Merthyr, and of family and friends.
oGlyn Evans.
Photographs of the following. A rugby team. An old man and woman. Group photographs include a dinner reception and those involved in the Communist trial of 1925.
oHywel Francis.
Photographs of family and friends of the Francis family.
oThomas Francis.
Photographs of unidentified individuals.
oDouglas Gray.
Photographs of a young boy, a field and a football team.
oDavid Rhys Grenfell MP.
Photographs of himself, groups of people, part of a silver band, a colliery rescue team and a meeting in a hall.
oArthur Horner.
Photographs of Arthur Horner and his colleagues, friends and family at conferences, meetings and in less formal situations.
oKim Howells.
Photographs from the personal collection of Dr Kim Howells. Photographs relate to the South Wales coalfield, personalities involved in the coal industry, demonstrations and strikes as a result of closures of collieries and unemployment of the workforce. The collection also includes photographs of galas and eisteddfodau.
oMargaret Howells (nee Sloman).
Photographs from Margaret Howells' personal collection. Collection includes portrait photographs, Ker Hardie addressing a meeting and group portraits of Labour Party supporters.
oGertrude Johnson (Edwards).
Photographs of family and friends, postcards, cards and photograph album belonging to Gertrude Johnson (later Gertrude Edwards).
oMr and Mrs Gwynfor Jones.
Photographs of family at the turn of the century donated by Mrs and Mrs Gwynfor Jones.
oMeth Jones.
Photographs donated from the personal collection of Meth Jones.
oJ M Phillips.
Portrait photographs and photographs of demonstrations donated by J M Phillips.
oGwilym Richards.
Photographs donated from the personal photographic collection of Gwilym Richards.
oB M Thomas.
Photograph album from the personal collection of B M Thomas.
oI R Thomas.
Photographs from the personal collection of IR Thomas.
oCharlie White.
Photographs from the personal collection of Charlie White.
oJ S Williams.
Photographs from the personal collection of JS Williams. The majority of the photographs are portrait photographs of family and friends.
oMr and Mrs Williams.
Photographs from the personal collection of Mr and Mrs Williams. Many of the photographs concern the village of Cwmtwrch.

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