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Ty Toronto

oTy Toronto Project.

The Ty Toronto project came into existence following the Aberfan disaster of 1966. The name comes from the Welsh community in Toronto whose donations helped to set up a centre in Aberfan, headed by the Reverend Erastus Jones.

In March 1973 "The Call to the Valleys" heralded a number of conferences and events aimed at highlighting the valleys communities concerns and the issues affecting them. This was centred around the "Year of the Valleys" in 1974 although events continued up to 1979 with documentation being produced after this date.

The material deposited is the documentation of the entire project, from its inception in 1972 until 1984. It contains records from the consultations, conferences, applications for funding, accounts, correspondence and publications which were forthcoming from the project, as well as material documenting the project itself. It has been listed more or less in chronological order, with the different conferences, consultations and issues files' remaining together.

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