South Wales Coalfield Collection

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oIron and Steel Trades Confederation.
The Iron and Steel Trades Confederation (ISTC) emerged as a result of a conference held in 1916. It was established on 1st January 1917, as a response to Government requirements for a single authoritative body which could consult with the multiplicity of unions then existing within the iron and steel industries.

Originally the function of the ISTC was not very successful, gaining little support from the other unions. It was only in recent years, following the re-nationalisation of 1967 and the subsequent contraction of the industry, that the policy and organisation proved to be a success.

The National Union of Blastfurnacemen, Ore Miners, Coke Workers and Kindred Trades, which had been a predominant union within the industry following its formation in the North East of England in 1878, amalgamated with the ISTC in 1985, as a result of a loss of membership numbers.

The ISTC's central power and administrative authority is vested in its Executive Council, with eight geographical divisions to provide ease for national administration. Within each of these divisions are local branches, based on the workplace unit (in the NUB these were called lodges). The numbering of the documents has therefore followed this structure.

The documents in this collection relate to the South Wales division of the ISTC and together with earlier deposits, comprehensively document the history of the union in this area .

(48 boxes, 10 files and 36 volumes)


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