South Wales Coalfield Collection

Second South Wales Coalfield Project

oFormer Prime Ministers, Ministers of Fuel / Power etc, and Mining Constituency MP's Study.
(12 Interviews)

oHigher-Level Managers In The Energy Sector Study.
(8 Interviews)

oSouth Wales Colliery Managers and Officials Study.
(11 Interviews)

oNUM National Executive Council Members and other Coalfield Leaders Study.
(14 Interviews)

oMembers of the S. Wales Area of the NUM Executive Council and Full-Time Officers Study.
(10 Interviews)

oLodge Officers Study.
(20 Interviews)

o"Rank and File" 1979-82 Study.
(8 Interviews)

oTeaching Tapes 1979-82.
(13 Interviews)

oDiscussion Groups.
(3 Interviews)

oMiscellaneous 1979-82.
(8 Interviews)

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