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AUD/164 Interview of Evans, John Morgan.
Recorded memoirs of John Evans, Maerdy. Includes his first experiences in the coal industry; problem of dust underground; working methods; awareness of the problems of silica; work undertaken after being certified; suffering from pneumoconiosis; child evacuees in Maerdy during the war; opinion concerning his youngest son's decision to enter the mining industry.
Covers period : 1930-1960 (c).
Running time : 1hr 5mins 11secs.
AUD/165 Interview of Davies, Trevor.
Recorded memoirs of Trevor Davies, Ferndale. Includes the beginning of his career in the colliery; accidents in which he was involved; blindness as a result of a pit accident; influence of religion; death of brother; his conversion to the Salvation Army and its activities; later joining the Baptist Chapel; dispute with baliffs at North Terrace, Maerdy in which Arthur Horner was involved; and religion generally in Maerdy.
Covers period : 1916- 1960 (c).
Running time : 1hr 32mins 42secs.
AUD/166 Interview of Davies, Trevor (Mrs).
Recorded memoirs of Mrs Trevor Davies, Ferndale. Includes different positions in domestic service, i.e. parlour work and cooking; her conversion to the Salvation Army, and its discipline; differences between Maerdy and Ferndale Salvation Army; and war evacuees in Maerdy.
Covers period : 1920- 1950 (c).
Running time : 1hr 48mins 54secs.
AUD/167 Interview of Taylor, Mrs Edgar.
Atgofion Mrs Edgar Taylor am ei bywyd ym Maerdy, wedi iddi symud yno o Goginan wedi ei phriodas. Yn ymdrin yn bennaf a'i argraff cyntaf o Faerdy; trafeilio; bywyd fel gwraig-ty, gan gynnwys materion ariannol, coginio, a chadw ieir; tripiau Ysgol Sul; Comiwnyddiaeth Maerdy; a safle bywyd yn gyffredinol. Hefyd ceir taflen ymchwil ar Edgar Lewis Recorded memoirs of Mrs Edgar Taylor of her life in Maerdy, having moved down from Goginan after her marriage. Included are her first impressions of Maerdy; travelling; her life as a housewife, including her routine, financial responsibilities, cooking, and keeping hens; Sunday school trips; discussing Maerdy's Communism; and general housing and living conditions. Also available is a factsheet on Edgar Lewis.
Covers period : 1900-1974.
Running time : 22mins 12secs.
AUD/168 Interview of Davies, Ben.
Recorded memoirs of Ben Davies, Dyffryn Cellwen. Includes moving from Cardiganshire to Ferndale to gain employment in the pits; his first experiences of working underground; involvement within the Communist Party; trade union activities; interest in poetry, including recitals of Welsh poetry.
Covers period : 1919-1960 (c).
Running time : 1hr 44mins 50secs.
AUD/169 Interview of Williams, Frank.
Recorded memoirs of Frank Williams, Maerdy. Includes political consciousness in Maerdy; scab unionism in Maerdy after the 1926 General Strike; Communism in Maerdy; Communist councillors on the Rhondda Council; opinions of Arthur Horner; the entrance examination of the Labour College; experience of being buried in an accident underground.
Covers period : 1910-1973 (c).
Running time : 1hr 21mins 23secs.
AUD/172 Interview of Evans, John Morgan (Mrs).
Recorded memoirs of Mrs John Morgan Evans, Maerdy. Includes deaths due to tuberculosis; working in the shop owned by her mother; activities of the Young Communist League; her mother's involvement in communist activites; memories of her mother on trial; involvement with the church; attitude to public houses and alcohol; sheep stealing; and recollections of courting fashions.
Covers period : 1920-1960 (c).
Running time : 47mins.
AUD/180 Interview of Jones, William Rosser.
Recorded memoirs of William Rosser Jones, Maerdy. Includes his family background; size of seams in Maerdy No 1 Colliery, and the working of those seams; experiences of the first day working in the pit; contracting systems; conscription during World War I; role of the co-operative shops; pack men sellers; credit systems in existence; pay day for collier boys; food taken to work; lighting underground; dirty trams; use of allotments, and keeping pigeons; and penny readings.
Covers period : 1905-1973 (c).
Running time : 2hrs 12mins 31secs.
AUD/181 Interview of Jones, William Rosser (Mrs).
Recorded memoirs of Mrs William Rosser Jones, Maerdy. Includes experiences during the depression; soup kitchens; the kind of food eaten, and baking bread and cakes; food and presents at Christmas; and her role mending clothes for her brothers and father who worked in the pit.
Covers period : 1920-1940 (c).
Running time : 17mins 50secs.
AUD/182 Interview of Morgan, Arthur.
Recorded memoirs of Arthur Morgan, Maerdy. Includes the opening of Maerdy Institute Hall; working as a butcher boy; first time working underground; an industrial injury sustained by his father; an accident at Maerdy when three men were drowned; tramcars in Maerdy; and his marriage and honeymoon.
Covers period : 1912-1960 (c).
Running time : 41mins 3secs.
AUD/183 Interview of Williams, Maria (Mrs).
Recorded memoirs of Mrs Maria Williams, Maerdy. Includes her employment after finishing school; overcrowding in houses in Maerdy; training in housework and her house duties; different positions attained, including the duties involved; religion in Maerdy; attitude to alcohol; and church activities.
Covers period : 1924-1970 (c).
Running time : 1hr 12mins 51secs.
AUD/184 Interview of Fine, Reginald.
Recorded memoirs of Reginald Fine, Maerdy. Includes a discussion of character bands; the ransacking of Alf Evans' shop; first day working in the pit at fourteen; death of his father in the pit; description of method of filling trams; hotel work undertaken in London; the Unemployed Club and Institute Library in Maerdy; attitude to women smoking and drinking in pubs; evacuees; the Welsh corner at Hyde Park; his marriage while unemployed; and a Sunday school excursion to Barry.
Covers period : 1921-1973 (c).
Running time : 54mins.
AUD/185 Interview of Fine, Reginald (Mrs).
Recorded memoirs of Mrs Reginald Fine, Maerdy. Includes a discussion of her duties as a domestic maid.
Covers period : 1920-1950 (c).
Running time : 10mins 26secs.
AUD/186 Interview of Williams, Gwilym.
Recorded memoirs of Gwilym Williams, Maerdy. Includes his first day working in the pit; work in South Africa, and gold mining work in West Africa; and getting married.
Covers period : 1894-1950 (c).
Running time : 35mins 54secs.
AUD/187 Interview of Ball, Joe.
Recorded memoirs of Joe Ball, Maerdy. Includes his experiences as an evacuee in Maerdy; his first impressions of Maerdy, and differences between London and Maerdy; the Institute Hall; and his reasons for staying in Maerdy following the War.
Covers period : 1940-1973 (c).
Running time : 20mins 48secs.
AUD/190 Interview of Williams, John.
Recorded memoirs of John Williams, Hereford. Includes working practices when first entered mining industry; description of Maerdy Hall's reading room and coffee tavern; opening of the first fish and chip shop in Maerdy; opening hours of public houses; lodgers; Italians living in Maerdy; religion; trial of Horner; attitude to North Walians; attitude to sexuality; womens work; food eaten while working underground; clothing worn underground; tools used; ransacking of Alf Evans' shop during the 1926 General Strike; and thefts of sheep and coal.
Covers period : 1900-1973 (c).
Running time : 2hrs 2mins 22secs.
AUD/191 Interview of Morgan, Octavius.
Recorded memoirs of Octavius Morgan, Maerdy. Includes selling newspapers; bracci shops; Italians in Maerdy; chapels in Maerdy; attitude to women who drank in public houses; penny readings; fighting at the dances; attitude to girls who became pregnant; description of Maerdy Comic Band and their activities; soup kitchens during the strikes; Conservatism in Maerdy; working in London; difference between girls in London and in Maerdy; ransacking of Alf Evans' shop in the 1926 General Strike; working underground; and a Church outing to Barry.
Covers period : 1912-1973 (c).
Running time : 1hr 55mins 35secs.
AUD/192 Interview of Morris, Fred (Mr and Mrs).
Recorded memoirs of Mr and Mrs Fred Morris, Maerdy. Includes co-operative schemes to buy houses; bad experiences of working underground as a boy; working on the surface; joining the army; going to Australia after the War; shops in Maerdy; 'Jug and Bottle' room in the Royal Hotel set-aside for women; miners' drinking habits; reasons for going to Spain, and experiences while in Spain; rate evictions in 1932; housework; bath times after working in the pit; courting, and adultery during World War I.
Covers period : 1900-1973 (c).
Running time : 1hr 41mins 55secs.
AUD/193 Interview of Picton, Will.
Recorded memoirs of Will Picton, Maerdy. Includes starting work on the pit surface, his father being against working underground; the Institute Hall, including the reading room, cinema, billiard room and library; lodgers in his parents' house; Italians living in Maerdy; the depression and the closure of Maerdy Colleries, and the Powell Dyffryn takeover; influence of the Communist Party in the Lodge; the ransacking of Alf Evans' shop; meeting of the Fascists and Communists in Maerdy and Tonypandy; rates evictions and the imprisonment of Arthur Horner; effect of the name 'Little Moscow'; and the reaction to Maerdy volunteers who fought in Spain.
Covers period : 1910-1973 (c).
Running time : 1hr 23mins 18secs.
AUD/194 Interview of Picton, Will.
Recorded memoirs of Will Picton, Maerdy. Includes the procedures at the Court of Referees; conditions of payment of unemployment benefit; establishment of the United Front Committees; demonstrations during 1937-38; the influence of Lewis Jones; influence of politics on WP, including Arthur Horner and the Schiller Award; rent evictions in Maerdy, and the imprisonment of Horner; unemployment and population movement, and its effect on the community; attitudes to alcohol; and prostitution during the wars.
Covers period : 1910- 1973 (c).
Running time : 1hr 3mins 28secs.
AUD/195 Interview of Thomas, William 'Box'.
Recorded memoirs of Will 'Box' Thomas, Maerdy. Includes a discussion of his nickname; working in London; comparison of the General and Municipal Workers Union with the National Union of Mineworkers; a dispute concerning the claim to a coal heading; emigration of miners to Australia; persecution of WT, and the imprisonment of Arthur Horner.
Covers period : 1920-1973 (c).
Running time : 1hr 12mins 33secs.
AUD/196 Interview of Thomas, William 'Box'.
Recorded memoirs of Will 'Box' Thomas, Maerdy. Includes his childhood in New Quay and Maerdy; an industrial injury and the treatment he received; returning to work; his first day underground; the method of working a seam; WT suffered from 'housemaids knee'; differing customs in local collieries; food habits; nicknames in the colliery; relationships between officials and workmen; dust suppression in the training face, and the closure of the face; work of the hauliers; and the relationship between hauliers and colliers.
Covers period : 1900-1973 (c).
Running time : 1hr 40mins 9secs.
AUD/645 Interview of Belcher, Mary Emily.
Factsheet only available.
Covers period : 1901-1973 (c).
AUD/646 Interview of Davies, Edith May (Mrs) nee Hemming.
Fact sheet only available. Mrs Edith May Davies (nee Hemming).
Covers period : 1903-1973 (c).

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