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Arthur Horner Study

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AUD/467 Interview of Tofts, Vol (Mrs).
Recorded memoirs of Mrs Vol Tofts concerning her father, Arthur Horner. Includes her paternal family background; AH's activities in Ireland; VT's opinions of her father; attitudes to religion; her families' involvement in politics, and imprisonment of her parents; and Maerdy as 'Little Moscow'.
Covers period : 1900-1960 (c).
Running time : 1hr 47mins 50secs.
AUD/516 Interview of Cox, Idris.
Recorded memoirs of Idris Cox, concerning Arthur Horner. Includes the use of the term 'Hornerism'; reasons for loss of membership from the South Wales Miners' Federation following the 1926 General Strike; scab unionism in South Wales; the arrest and imprisonment of Horner; the effect of Hitler's presence as a major power on the Communist Party in South Wales; IC's personal relationship with Horner; the reputation of Maerdy as "Little Moscow"; the development of the Miners' Minority Movement; the Irish community in Maesteg; and the organisation of the Communist Party after 1926.
Covers period : 1920-1983 (c).
Running time : 2hrs 8mins 5secs.
AUD/517 Interview of Heinneman, Margot.
Recorded memoirs of Margot Heinneman. Includes her involvement in the mining industry; her opinion of Arthur Horner; work undertaken by the Labour Research Department; and the leadership qualities of Arthur Horner.
Covers period : 1920-1983 (c).
Running time : 46mins 15secs.
1983 (c)
AUD/518 Interview of Paynter, Will.
Recorded memoirs of Will Paynter. Includes recollections of his first encounter with Arthur Horner; his opinion of Horner and his involvement in the South Wales Miners' Federation; the imprisonment of Horner; WP's service in the Spanish Civil War; his involvement with the SWMF; and the relationship between executive members and miners' agents.
Covers period : 1920-1983 (c).
Running time : 2hrs 3mins 48secs.

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