South Wales Coalfield Collection

"The Big Hewer" - Charles Parker Study

Ref No. Description Dates
AUD/374 Interview of Thomas (Dr).
Recorded memoirs of Dr Thomas. Includes a discussion on pneumoconiosis, its effect on the human body, and other factors such as malnutrition; an incident when he was called to help an injured man underground; his opinion and admiration of miners; recollections of Rhondda during the depression; problems encountered by sufferers of tuberculosis and pneumoconiosis; and his thoughts on how a community deals with a disaster.
Covers period : 1900-1960 (c).
Running time : 41mins 23secs.
AUD/375 Interview of Williams, John.
Recorded memoirs of John Williams. Includes safety within the collieries, and its maintenance; the effect of electrical machinery underground in an anthracite area, and the provision for the safety of staff; problems of mining the anthracite coalfield; and his opinions of nationalisation, industrial diseases, and the qualities of a miner.
Covers period : 1930-1961 (c).
Running time : 58mins 13secs.
AUD/376 Interview of Davies (Mrs).
Recorded memoirs of Mrs Davies. Includes her family background; her father and son's work in the colliery on the night shift; role and work of a collier's wife; the mining community; and an account of an accident suffered by her son.
Covers period : 1950-1960 (c).
Running time : 17mins 49secs.
AUD/428 Interview of Unknown Group.
Recording on an unknown group, entitled "Short Stories", which begins by discussing the impact of mechanised mining on various roles within the pit, but also includes various humorous stories from the community.

Running time : 26mins 30secs.
1960-1979 (c)
AUD/580 "The Big Hewer".
NOT FULLY CATALOGUED. Radio recording entitled "The Big Hewer".
Covers period : 1900-1960 (c).
Running time : 1hr.
1961 (c)

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