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AUD/200 Interview of Duenos, Nicolas and Mrs Casimira.
Recorded memoirs of Mr and Mrs Nicolas and Casimira Duenos (nee Esteban), Abercraf. Includes their arrival in Wales from Spain; first settling in Abercraf, and then moving to Dowlais; the Spanish community in Dowlais; helping with the refugees in Southampton during the Spanish Civil War; religion of the Spanish community in Abercraf; differences of wages in Spain and South Wales.
Covers period : 1900-1973 (c).
Running time : 26mins 11secs.
AUD/201 Interview of Lewis, Henry.
Recorded memoirs of Henry Lewis, Abercraf. Includes his father's life; Christianity and the 1904 Religious Revival; memories of his first day underground; attitudes to drinking alcohol in Abercraf; difference between working in the anthracite and steam coal pits; poverty during and after the 1921 strike; and his militant activities, including his persecution.
Covers period : 1900-1973 (c).
Running time : 1hr 7mins 43secs.
AUD/206 Interview of Watkins, Rhys Morgan.
Recorded memoirs of Rhys Watkins, Abercraf. Includes the influx of labour into Abercraf, including foreign workforces; interest in the union; an incident of stop lamp; threat of closure of Abercrave Colliery in 1938 (actually closed in 1967); impact of nationalisation on pit conditions; effect of pit closures on the community; religion in the village; position of the Welsh language; and Lodge payments to retired members.
Covers period : 1915-1972 (c).
Running time : 47mins 10secs.
AUD/207 Interview of Davies, Rees Brynmor.
Recorded memoirs of Rees Davies, Abercraf. Includes first working underground; working as a boxer, and his brothers' careers as professional boxers; different conditions in various collieries; relationship between management and workmen; his involvement in trade unionism; effect of the depression on the population of Abercraf; the closure of International Colliery, and the bitterness felt as Abercrave Colliery remained open; Abercrave Lodge rejoining the Federation prior to nationalisation; the effect of pit closures on the community; and RD's involvement in the Labour Party.
Covers period : 1903-1972 (c).
Running time : 55mins 9secs.
AUD/214 Interview of Davies, Penry.
Recorded memoirs of Penry Davies, Abercraf. Includes experiences of working in a barbers, butchers, and as a telegraph boy; first working in the pit; visit to London on a tour of inspection, compared with Mountain Ash; the influx of Irish to Mountain Ash; his family moved to Cwmamman; and tours to continental collieries to observe differences and comparisons with collieries in South Wales.
Covers period : 1898-1973.
Running time : 1hr 7mins 40secs.
AUD/216 Interview of James, Lucy (Mrs).
Recorded memoirs of Mrs Lucy James (nee Tutsell), Penrhos. Includes recollections of her brothers' work in the colliery; memories of her childhood; working in the tin works, and men earning more money than women; her marriage; self-sufficiency, with her father keeping pigs and dogs, and four lodgers; position of the Welsh language.
Covers period : 1900-1974 (c).
Running time : 57mins 57secs.
AUD/219 Interview of Davies, Del.
Recorded memoirs of Del Davies, Abercraf. Includes his experiences as a rugby player for Abercraf and Aberavon in the 1940-50's; the history of the Lodge Mutual Aid Fund known as 'Y Fund Fach'; his work as a Lodge Committee member and Lodge Chairman; the social consequences of the closure of Abercrave Colliery in 1967; and a discussion concerning the disaffiliation of Abercrave Lodge from the South Wales Miners' Federation during World War II.
Covers period : 1930-1973 (c).
Running time : 2hrs 13mins 42secs.
AUD/220 Interview of John, Henry.
Recorded memoirs of Henry John, Abercraf. Covers his childhood, including the type of food eaten during the week; memories of working underground; differences between Moodys, International, and Waunclawdd Collieries, and the differences between Abercraf and Clydach; effect of the foreign workforce; experiences of working as a collier and as a haulier; the seniority rule dispute in support of Ammanford Colliery during the 1925 Anthracite strike; seeking employment in Gloucester; survival of families during the 1925 strike.
Covers period : 1910-1973 (c).
Running time : 2hrs 11mins 47secs.
AUD/221 Interview of Evans, Jim.
Recorded memoirs of Jim Evans, Abercraf. Includes jobs undertaken while still at school, including being a telegram boy during World War I; Powell Duffryn as employers; training to become a collier; A J Cook's attack on the buttie system in Nottingham during the 1926 General Strike; comparison between Midlands and South Wales workforce, especially concerning trade union consciousness; personal memories of the 1921 strike; his career as a boxer; the work involved as a member of the Lodge Committee; effect of the National Council of Labour Colleges on the trade union movement in Abercraf; attending Nun Nicholas' lectures; community reaction to the threat of pit closures; expulsion of Abercrave Lodge South Wales Miners' Federation; and the Spanish community in Abercrave.
Covers period : 1910-1972 (c).
Running time : 2hrs 18mins 39secs.
AUD/222 Interview of Cook, Dick.
Recorded memoirs of Dick Cook, Ystradgynlais. Includes his childhood; his fathers' injury at work which resulted in blindness; work as a gentleman's boot boy; his first day underground; a description of the different jobs in the tin works, and the lack of a trade union; women working in the tin works; his transferral to Onllwyn Colliery, and a comparison of the tin works and the colliery; an industrial injury which resulted in the temporary loss of his sight; the life of Albino Gasio; working as the Lodge Compensation Secretary after regaining his eyesight; difference between Onllwyn and Abercrave Collieries; and how he learnt Welsh.
Covers period : 1910-1974 (c).
Running time : 3hrs 27mins 37secs.
AUD/223 Interview of Vale, James.
Recorded memoirs of Jim Vale, Abercraf. Includes his childhood; the arrest of his father during the Tonypandy riots; his experiences while in the army; the Spanish community in Abercraf; his opinions concerning the use of the curling box; incidents of his persecution while working in the mines; impact of the Spanish Civil War on Abercraf; returning to the mines; and Onllwyn Colliery before and after nationalisation.
Covers period : 1910-1974 (c).
Running time : 3hrs 13mins 42secs.
AUD/260 Interview of Jefferies, Hywel.
Atgofion Hywel Jefferies, Coelbren. Yn ymdrin yn bennaf a cefndir ei deulu; dechrau gweithio yng ngwaith glo Abercraf yn 1898; dulliau'r gwaith, gan gynnwys gwisg y glowr; symud i waith glo Onllwyn; dylanwad crefydd yn Abercraf, yn enwedig Diwygiad 1904; a dylanwadau gwleidyddol
Recorded memoirs of Hywel Jefferies, Coelbren. Includes his family background; his first days underground in 1898 in Abercrave Colliery; work practices, including clothing; moving to Onllwyn Colliery; influence of religion in Abercraf, and the religious revival; and political influences.
Covers period : 1898- 1910.
Running time : 47mins.

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